We Are Closing


LevelUpMushrooms is closed down for new business. We are no longer accepting any new orders anywhere. We will continue to support and ship to existing customers. If you have questions or need help, want to cancel, or want a fast easy refund, we will continue to offer daily support via e-mail at support@levelupmushrooms.com    The “my account” page is still active as well if you want to make any updates there.

Man I loved this business… for a time. It was fun and fresh and had a sense of humor, but somewhere along the line I didn’t really enjoy the snark anymore. I felt like I was putting on a show and it was sort of hard to maintain. Basically…. having 10,000 likes on a post where I was being a jerk didn’t really appeal to me anymore. I have 4 kids, I guess I just want to try to be a nice guy.

There were some serious business reasons as well:

  1. In February 2020 the business was jamming. Sales were growing fast every month and were already at a pretty decent Level. Then Covid hit… and we sold Eastern mushrooms. You can see the problem.
  2. Sometime in 2020 we got a cease and desist letter in the mail about a registered trademark on the name Level Up. Didn’t really come to much, but there were definite concerns going forward about us even being able to use our name.
  3. In July 2021 we got a Warning Letter from the FDA that the way we were marketing the product made it a “new drug” that needed to be approved.

The FDA letter was the final straw. I think we could have changed some things with the help of an attorney and things probably would have been fine, but everything combined just made me think “you know Adam, the universe is sending you a message”. In truth, the universe probably doesn’t care about me, but I prefer to pretend it does.

Thanks for all your support! We have some amazing customers and it’s nice to see people with a sense of humor. Our employees also pored their heart and soul into this business as well so it’s sad for them too.

On the brighter side, we do continue to sell mushrooms at www.forestglory.com and we just purchase a company in the gaming industry www.gamerwear.com so we do still have companies in the areas we love.

Best Regards,

Adam Schultz