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We sell rare and exceptionally healthy mushrooms in a capsule form. These mushrooms have been used for literally hundreds of years in Eastern Cultures to promote overall health and well being.

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Level Up!<br />

Level Up Mushrooms

Level Up Mushrooms

Each of our 3 separate products has different benefits. These benefits are described both scientifically through studies, and with a bit of video game reverie to increase your attributes as you level up your life.

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Level Up Mushrooms

Why People Love It

Level Up Mushrooms was founded by a Certified Mushroom Expert (yeah it’s a thing) who noticed that the most exotic and robust mushrooms could not be easily obtained. As video game fanatics we always thought it would be awesome to level up in real life (I mean right!?). We combined these desires into capsule form so we could share them with the world. That’s the story of Level Up Mushrooms.

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Feel Powerful
Feel Healthy
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Our Products

<p>Stimulates Brain Cell Growth:</p><b>Replace The Ones You Lost In College</b>

Stimulates Brain Cell Growth:

Replace The Ones You Lost In College

<p>Protects Against Memory Loss:</p><b> Trying To Remember Why That's Important</b>

Protects Against Memory Loss:

Trying To Remember Why That's Important

<p>Protects Against Ulcers in the Stomach:</p><b> Goodbye Pain</b>

Protects Against Ulcers in the Stomach:

Goodbye Pain

<p>Relieves Depression and Anxiety:</p><b> We All Need Relief</b>

Relieves Depression and Anxiety:

We All Need Relief

Lion's Mane
<p>Improves Heart Health: </p><b>Great For Exercise And For Not Dying</b>

Improves Heart Health:

Great For Exercise And For Not Dying

<p>Increases Sex Drive: </p><b>Male And Female</b>

Increases Sex Drive:

Male And Female

<p>Boosts Exercise Performance:</p><b> We All Need A Boost</b>

Boosts Exercise Performance:

We All Need A Boost

<p>Fights Inflammation:</p><b> Less Pain, Easy Movement</B>

Fights Inflammation:

Less Pain, Easy Movement

CordaCex Mushrooms

Good To Know

Level Up Mushrooms has mountains of Scientific Studies to show that each of the 3 products offers a benefit. Whether it be higher intelligence, lower stress, lower inflamation, high cancer fighting antioxidants, increased athletic stamina, or super charged sexual energy, we have a product for you.

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