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We think that a well-run company should eliminate the need to reach customer service as much as possible, if someone needs to contact you, then you failed. If someone wants to contact you, then you’ve succeeded.

Facebook is best for a quick chat and we have a thread here where people ask stupid questions and we provide horrible answers:

Did you ever want to level up in real life (umm yeah)? Now you can, we graciously provide you 3 types of rare mushrooms…

Posted by Level Up Mushrooms on Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Email or using the form below is best for any issues that may come up, we answer them really quickly. If you would like to cancel a subscription you can log into your account and cancel it by clicking one button. Alternatively, you can put your name and email below with the word “cancel” as the message. We will cancel the subscription and confirm the cancellation via email.







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