Your most pressing questions answered by one of our co-founders and Certified Mushroom Expert, Adam Schultz.

No. I do recommend though that you not take the pills while walking.

The capsules are 100% mushrooms, 100% natural, organic, and vegan (down to the capsules themselves). This is a wholesome product that isn’t concocted in a laboratory. Of course, they are very good for you! Each for different reasons. The reasons are all backed up by legitimate scientific studies which we’ve linked to. Our mushrooms are also very rare and typically can’t be found at a grocery store or supermarket.

They won’t make you fly, but there’s a good chance they’ll make you feel like flying. They won’t make you live forever, but there’s a good chance they’ll make you want to. These supplements not only will improve your long term well being, they’ll also make your everyday life better.

Yes we do, and we link to each study itself! You can find them by clicking here: SCIENTIFIC STUDIES

Yes of course. Just e-mail if you don’t and I’ll take care of it.

Yes! The supplements are made under my supervision. In most cases that might not mean much, but I am a Certified Mushroom Expert by the State of Michigan, which required me to study for a very difficult test and adhere to a set of standards. I ensure that all of the supplements are safe and 100% contain the mushroom that is purchased. Furthermore, I take all of these supplements regularly and have even taken 10 times our suggested daily dose with no adverse effects. There’s also tons of research and scientific information behind these mushrooms being very beneficial to you and in no way unsafe. It’s the opposite of unsafe, which makes them ununsafe.

In the raw form yes they do because they are 100% mushrooms. These are in a 100% vegan clear capsule that contains all of the taste and almost all of the smell. If you want a slight mushroom order you can put them right under your nose and get an idea. That said, they taste really good so if you want to open the capsule and put it in tea or any other food really, it’s also a great way to consume them.

We get the Chaga from a supplier right here in Nothern Michigan. They are harvested in the wild by a really nice family. The other two we get right from the source in China. These are Eastern mushrooms we are talking about so we wanted to be authentic and get them right from where they originated. Also China supplies 92% of the world’s mushrooms so we are in good hands here. China has truly embraced the mushroom as part of their culture.

Every product we sell is a 30 day supply. The individual mushroom jars contain 30 capsules. The LVL:MAX is a combination of all 3 mushrooms and contains 90 capsules. Servings sizes and suggestions on when to take them are included in the packaging.

Pill containers really annoy us. Why can’t you just get one pill?!? You end up shaking like 17 of them on the floor. With our container, you can grab one at a time while still wet from the shower and dancing. Then you can say “Hey Baby, look at my skills” While your significant other looks on in awe as you slowly grab one pill at a time from the jar.

Ok, that’s actually not a question, but we’ll try to help anyway. Many people don’t like to swallow capsules, so we can definitely understand. That’s why our product can be opened and dispensed either in tea, coffee, or really any other food you like. The mushrooms we use all actually taste really good in our opinion. You won’t get a foul or bitter taste from them and you’ll get the same level of nutrients.

We have a majorly discounted 30 day trial on our bundle. You can try the product for 30 days, and if you don’t like it, cancel your subscription (easily with no questions/self-service). You also don’t have to return a thing.

You will instantly save 40% and then save 40% on any future shipments. We will automatically send the product so that you always have a supply every 30 days and then bill your card 30 days AFTER you’ve received them. Meaning you have 30 days to decide if you want to pay for what you’ve just received so that you can get more. We have an online portal so you can cancel at ANY TIME, no restrictions on cancellation and no commitments. You can also cancel via e-mail or Facebook chat or message. In other words, we make it very easy, no one has ever had trouble canceling.

No, just always choose “C”.  These are 100% legal mushrooms everywhere in the world. These aren’t sketchy somewhat legal products that just haven’t been fully regulated. As far as the government or any employer would be concerned, these are the same as mushrooms on a pizza. They should give you a health care discount actually because you are looking after yourself.