BoomChaga 30 Caps, 30 Day Supply.
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BoomChaga Benefits

BoomChaga is 100% Chaga Mushroom. Studies have shown it can make you work out longer, have improved brain function, and have less inflammation, which also improves your output and success in endeavors.  More importantly, this mushroom is absolutely LOADED in antioxidants which are known cancer fighters.

<p>Super High in Antioxidants: </p><b>Fight Free Radicals </b>

Super High in Antioxidants:

Fight Free Radicals

<p>Lowers Inflammation:</p><b> Less Pain, Feel Better</b>

Lowers Inflammation:

Less Pain, Feel Better

<p>Lowers Cholesterol:</p><b> Live Longer</b>

Lowers Cholesterol:

Live Longer

<p>Boosts Immunity:</p><b> Keep Sickness Away</b>

Boosts Immunity:

Keep Sickness Away

BoomChaga Benefits
Health +8
Immunity +4
Stamina +2


This product comes in a 4 ounce container and contains 30 capsules, the recommended dosage is one pill per day. Each capsule contains approximately 400mg of 100% natural Chaga Mushroom with no added ingredients. The container itself is wide mouthed so that you don’t have to fumble with dumping pills everywhere which is not only annoying it makes you look stupid in front of your significant other. Simply reach in and grab a pill and go “boo yah! I am the master of the universe”

Here’s how Chaga is going to make your life better based on Scientific Studies:

Health +8: Chaga contains more antioxidants than a spaceship full of antioxidant aliens flying through an antioxidant galaxy surrounded by antioxidant dark matter. That’s a F-ton. Antioxidants are those things that you always hear about but don’t know what they do. What they do is make you healthy and live a long time because they repair DNA and ward off cancer. It’s like the only thing health scientists can agree on. If you want to be healthy and live a long time this product is for you. If you want to die, jump (don’t jump dude).

If that’s not enough you are weird, but it also improves health by showing it’s ability to fight inflamation and help with irritable bowel syndrom in other studies.

Immunity +4: Data has shown that Chaga could help ward off the following health problems: Diabetes, Irratable Bowel Syndrome, and viral infections such as Herpes. It also make you Immune to Slow.

Stamina +2: In still other studies Chaga has been show to decrease physical fatigue and increase brain function in mice. Mice aren’t exactly olympic athletes or mushroom experts (ok… rocket scientists), so imagine what it could do for you?

Ingredients:  Inonotus obliquus

Remember you are buying from a Certified Mushroom Expert. The mushrooms and capsules are processed and manufactured in the United States in our facility licensed by the health department. We are inspected yearly by the Michigan Health Department and we have never had a violation. We don’t outsource anything, your health is our concern.