CordaCex Mushrooms 30 Caps, 30 Day Supply.
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CordaCex Benefits

CordaCex is 100% Cordyceps Mushroom. Let’s get to the good stuff: increases sexual desire (both sexes), increased fertility, and increases blood flow leading to larger and more stimulated organs. Also boosts exercise performance, reduces inflammation, shows cancer fighting properties, reduces aging, and helps the heart (but really who cares).

<p>Improves Heart Health: </p><b>Great For Exercise And For Not Dying</b>

Improves Heart Health:

Great For Exercise And For Not Dying

<p>Increases Sex Drive: </p><b>Male And Female</b>

Increases Sex Drive:

Male And Female

<p>Boosts Exercise Performance:</p><b> We All Need A Boost</b>

Boosts Exercise Performance:

We All Need A Boost

<p>Fights Inflammation:</p><b> Less Pain, Easy Movement</B>

Fights Inflammation:

Less Pain, Easy Movement

CordaCex Benefits
Charisma +6
Endurance +4
Strength +2
Health +2


This product comes in a 4 ounce container and contains 30 capsules, the recommended dosage is one pill per day. Each capsule contains approximately 400mg of 100% natural Cordyceps Mushroom with no added ingredients. The container itself is wide mouthed so that you don’t have to fumble with dumping pills everywhere which is not only annoying it makes you look stupid in front of your significant other. Simply reach in and grab a pill and go “boo yah! I am the master of the universe”.

Here’s why you should open that awesome package based on SCIENTIFIC STUDIES:

Charisma +6– Sex is a touchy subject (hah!) so we’ll try not to make any childish jokes here, but if you want a child… Cordyceps has been shown in studies to increase sperm counts and potentially increase fertility hormones in females. To make that child you would definitely enjoy more blood flow to your organs (do we have to explain?) and an increased sex drive. Studies has shown this works for both males and females so feel free to share your capsules.

Endurance +4– The studies we found show that Cordyceps boosted exercise performance in tests performed on humans (that’s you). Better yet, it also performed well in the holy grail of anti-aging. It’s actually debatable what “anti-aging” means but in this case it means it helps create healthier cells. Cordyceps also provides a ton of health benefits including a healthier heart. Combined this means you can perform better, for longer, both short term and long term.

Strength +2– See above, longer exercise and better heart leads to Strength +2. You can’t just sit there and grow muscle though, sorry. Everyone knows you have to do 12 ounce curls for that. If you do actually want to exercise though, it’s nice to make it 110% like your coach said.

Health +2– Or course Cordyceps is healthy for many of the reasons we pointed out above. It also has the added benefit of showing promise in fighting cancer in laboratory studies. Now that’s a long way from curing cancer, but the studies look promising and it certainly can’t hurt to have everything you can on your side.

Ingredients: Cordyceps militaris

Remember you are buying from a Certified Mushroom Expert. The mushrooms and capsules are processed and manufactured in the United States in our facility licensed by the health department. We are inspected yearly by the Michigan Health Department and we have never had a violation. We don’t outsource anything, your health is our concern.