LVL:MAX, All 3 in 1, Only $9.99 On Trial 90 Caps, 30 Day Supply, All 3 Mushrooms
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Why Bundle and Subscribe?

Why just be somewhat awesome? Get all three. This product has all three of our kung fu mushrooms in one pill. You get 90 pills so it’s the equivalent of three jars in one. This is our best and most beneficial product.

So here’s the deal with this product, we want you to sign up for the monthly subscription so that you forget and later on when you are 98 years old you’ll be like “wow I spent $22,000 on mushroom pills”. The thing is, you’ll be 98 and not dead. Now who’s the dummy? That guy who died at 52 and gave his kids $22,000 so they could spend it on one wild weekend in Vegas.

We don’t think you are dumb, we know that you know how subscriptions work. Ours is different though, here’s why:

  • Our product is genuinely helpful so you aren’t wasting money every month.
  • It’s SO EASY to cancel. You can do it yourself by clicking the cancel button on your online Level Up account in about 10 seconds. If you prefer customer service assistance, no problem, you can reach us via e-mail, Facebook, or Instagram and we are very responsive. Sabrina takes care of most of that, and she’s very kind and thorough.
  • We will send you the discounted trial, then you have 30 days to cancel before we send you the next shipment at $39.99.  Say you do forget to cancel, and we ship you the first paid product. You still have 30 days under our return policy to say, “Hey I didn’t want this, I meant to cancel.” Then we still refund your money in full and let you keep the product. If you don’t want to Level Up, we don’t want your money! Period. Honestly we mean that and we refund everyone for any reason.

We did at one point have a completely free trial, but we had some abuse issues with people using fake names for multiple orders and such (they REALLY wanted to Level Up but had no money). So we do charge a small introductory charge of $9.99 with completely free shipping.

Why Bundle and Subscribe?
Health +14
Intelligence +6
Charisma +6
Endurance +4
Immunity +4
Strength +2
Charm +2
Stamina +2



These are 400mg pills and they each contain approximately 133mg of CordyCex, Lion’s Mane, and BoomChaga so that you get all three in each pill. You take three pills a day so it’s the exact equivalent of buying each of our products separately, except it comes in one jar and it’s less expensive (win!).

Our product has helped 100’s of people with anxiety and other mental problems while also improving their long term health (check out testimonials here or on Facebook). Our product has NO side effects. That’s right, that long list of things you see on TV from a big pharm product, we literally have none of that. We feel like it’s one of the benefits to taking an all natural supplement, why take two steps forward and one step backwards when you can just jump and catch the flag.

Ingredients: Cordyceps militaris, Hericium obliquus, Inonotus obliquus

Remember you are buying from a Certified Mushroom Expert and the products are only harvested in the United States and China by Cascade Mushrooms a US Company in business since 1981. From there they are sent directly to us and processed in the United States in our facility licensed by the health department. We are inspected yearly by the Michigan Health Department and we have never had a violation. We don’t outsource anything, your health is our concern.

51 reviews for LVL:MAX, All 3 in 1, Only $9.99 On Trial

  1. Brandon Grayson (verified owner)

    Level up mushrooms has helped me in every aspect of my life. Their marketing team is phenomenal and funny which is always a plus, but that’s not why I’m here. I came across Level Up through a facebook advertisement. I was immediately drawn in. It started with the original shipments and continued with the LVL MAX. To say I’ve leveled up is an understatement. I’ve had less anxiety, more energy, better sleep, and my sex life has been revived completely.(Level up used Max healing. It was super effective!) My immune system has been insane. Having crohn’s disease my immune system is usually garbage – since using level up products my immune system makes me feel like myself again. With the benefits I get from the mushrooms with no adverse side effects as I would with regular medications, the marketing team, and overall care of this company I’ll definitely keep leveling up. Will you?

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  2. Day Miller (verified owner)

    At first I was skeptic. Real skeptic. ESP With all the Korny jokes and other bs they send you,?Either way the customer service team is on point with replying. I believe I sent out my first email on a Sunday and got a reply less than an hour later. I did my research and decided to trust what I was told from Level Up as well as what google said , and ordered the Level Max trail. This is what baffles me. I served in the Marine Corp with multiple deployments to Iraq. I suffer from ptsd and tbi. It’s been like this since 2010 worsening over the years . Some days it’s just plain hard to get out of bed let alone do anything productive. My mood is always crappy, I have anger issues like nobodies business, and I’m always tired from lack of sleep. Ok fast forward. I got the package in relatively fast like 2-3 days. I’ve been taking the LVL MAX for over a week now. I’m not saying these mushrooms have cured all my problems but I will testify to anyone I have seen some major improvements all around since starting. Even others have noticed. Still, it could just be a placebo but for now I’m sold. I’ll for sure be keeping my subscription active . The jokes do not get any funnier once you subscribe either. Only worse.

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  3. Jonathon Flores (verified owner)

    You guys were very helpful and easy to contact on Facebook and answered my concerns within a day.
    This is going on month 2 of Lion’s Mane, I am definitely going to be purchasing more.
    I got to try all three mushrooms, but this one is easily my favorite.
    Like, not to sound like a crazy person, but sometimes everyone needs a little help keeping calm.
    There isn’t as much of my own negative static of thoughts getting in the way of everything else.
    No, seriously. Thank you.

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  4. Nicole Montgomery (verified owner)

    You might have just saved my life! I have such an inner piece, I’ve been searching for a vitamin to really heal my adrenal glands…… within 4 days of taking this, I was able to take less xanax, and STILL sleep. That’s unheard of!! I’m using this as an opportunity to get off the xanax! That, and I’ve been in such a good mood lately! I can work out more, I feel great. I cannot say enough good things about this! You have a lifetime customer here so don’t go away!!

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  5. Sarah Howard (verified owner)

    I turned over a new leaf about 2 years ago now, and I have completely changed my life, my energy, and my soul. Part of that journey has been getting off chemical pharmaceuticals (Big Pharma). At my worst, I was taking 65+ pills a day, from steroids and antispasmodics to opiates and benzos to variousbheavy psychiatric drugs. Through medicinal herbs and energy work, I was down to just 3 pills a day about 9 months ago; an antidepressant, an antipsychotic, and a stimulant for BED/ADHD. Then I found LevelUp Max. I am now 100% organic and holistic in all of my medical needs. I have never felt this good in my entire life, and I am 40! My pain is at an all time low, I’ve never been healthier, calmer, or happier. Thanks to the makers, you helped cure me!

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