Lion’s Mane 30 Caps, 30 Day Supply.
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Lion's Mane Benefits

Well respected studies have shown Lion’s Mane regrows brain cells, protects against memory loss, and relieves depression and anxiety. You’ll feel better right away. Consider it the total brain makeover.

<p>Stimulates Brain Cell Growth:</p><b>Replace The Ones You Lost In College</b>

Stimulates Brain Cell Growth:

Replace The Ones You Lost In College

<p>Protects Against Memory Loss:</p><b> Trying To Remember Why That's Important</b>

Protects Against Memory Loss:

Trying To Remember Why That's Important

<p>Protects Against Ulcers in the Stomach:</p><b> Goodbye Pain</b>

Protects Against Ulcers in the Stomach:

Goodbye Pain

<p>Relieves Depression and Anxiety:</p><b> We All Need Relief</b>

Relieves Depression and Anxiety:

We All Need Relief

Lion's Mane Benefits
Intelligence +6
Charm +2
Health +4


This product comes in a 4 ounce container and contains 30 capsules, the recommended dosage is one pill per day. Each capsule contains approximately 400mg of 100% natural Lion’s Mane mushrooms with no added ingredients. The container itself is wide mouthed so that you don’t have to fumble with dumping pills everywhere which is not only annoying it makes you look stupid in front of your significant other. Simply reach in and grab a pill and go “boo yah! I am the master of the universe”.

So you are probably wondering, “Why should I give you money for this mushroom called Lion’s Mane?” Short answer, your brain needs help. Let’s be honest you haven’t always been driving it like you should, it’s getting a little rusty, and it could use an oil change. We thought of that and then remembered to write it here, do you know why? Lion’s Mane.

Here’s the benefits of Lion’s Mane based on actual, factual Scientific Studies:

Intelligence +8–  Lion’s Mane been used for hundreds of years in Eastern Cultures and they can levitate things with their minds. People were like, “Wow I want to levitate things with my mind, let’s study this mushroom”. Here’s what they found: It improves brain function, decreases memory loss, and combats Dementia. Not enough? Several studies have shown that Lion’s Mane could reduce depression and anxiety.

Charm +2– So if you aren’t anxious and depressed, and you have a great memory, you are going to lay on the charm. “Oh yes I remember you, Christina isn’t it?” When you met her 27 years ago. That’s charm +2.

Health +4– We’ve already mentioned that studies have shown Lion’s Mane can protect against Alzheimer’s and Dementia, but it also has other health benefits. Primary it has been shown to protect against stomach ulcers, particularly those caused by drinking too much alcohol. It’s also very proficient at keeping blood sugars low and modulated suggesting it would be of great benefit to Diabetics.

Ingredients: Hericium obliquus

Remember you are buying from a Certified Mushroom Expert. The mushrooms and capsules are processed and manufactured in the United States in our facility licensed by the health department. We are inspected yearly by the Michigan Health Department and we have never had a violation. We don’t outsource anything, your health is our concern.